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*buttons screaming*
Let’s just keep you quiet…
*muffled button screaming*

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favourite btvs speechesbuffy (faith, hope and trick).

hey remember that time buffy was so in love that her entire life was this man and yet when it came down to it she a sword through his heart and sent him to hellbecause the world was at stake and SHE PUT HER FUCKING DUTY ABOVE HER FEELINGS GODDAMN THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE FEMALE CHARACTERS

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April, you’re like an angel with no wings. So like a person?

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"You should smile more!"


"You look tired!"


"Are you really going to eat all that?"


Is it that time of month?


"You’re just being dramatic"


"You have terrible taste"


"Just exercise and eat less!"


"Thats really slutty"


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We have you here at Marvel Headquarters today and I thought why don’t we do a word association. Whatever comes to into your head…[x]

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I’d love to see a Black Widow movie. I think it will [happen]. It has to. We’ll rally for it. We’ll get it started.

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There should be a part in the script that reads, “And then Thor shows up.”

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